Friday, November 30, 2012

Psycho Quiz

A trivia game in honor of the recent release of Hitchcock. (The questions pertain to the original, 1960 version of Psycho.)

1.How much money does Marion steal from Mr. Cassidy?

2.Who plays the character of Caroline in the film?

3.What (fictional) California town is Marion headed toward when she stops off at the Bates Motel?

4.How many cabins does the Bates Motel have?

5.What alias does Marion use when signing the guest register?

6.Where does Sam Loomis usually sleep at night?

7.What kind of animal does Norman prefer to stuff?

8.Psycho is credited as the first film to show what household item on-screen?

9.What does the guard bring to Norman as he sits in the holding cell?

10.By the end of the film, how many people has Norman killed?


8-10 Correct: Congratulations--you are positively psychotic!
5-7 Correct: You're about as sharp as Arbogast.
0-4 Correct: For shame!  Go hit the showers.

Correct answers appear in the Comments section of this post.

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Joe Nazare said...



2.Pat Hitchcock (Alfred's daughter)


4.Twelve ("Twelve cabins, twelve vacancies," Norman tells Marion.)

5."Marie Samuels"

6.The back room of a hardware store (no point earned if you said "in a bed"!)


8.a flushing toilet

9.a blanket

10.Six--Mrs. Bates, her lover, Marion, Arbogast, and two missing girls mentioned by the psychiatrist (In the closing scene, Mother/Norman refers to "girls" plural)