Monday, November 26, 2012

Dead Lines

Episode 7, "When the Dead Come Knocking," was a knockout in terms of action and suspense.  And it didn't miss a beat when it comes to terrific dialogue:

Merle: Tell me where he's at.  I'm sure T-Dog would like to bury the hatchet.  Let bygones be bygones.
Glenn: He didn't make it.
Merle: Well, I hope he went slow.

Michonne: Wasn't this place overrun?
Beth: It was.
Michonne: And you cleared it out all by yourselves? Just the few?
Beth [mutedly]: There were others.

Merle [unleashing a walker on Glenn]: Suit yourself.  You're a pretty big snack for this fella.  But you know what they say: he's going to be hungry again in an hour.

Milton: These are cues that will hopefully linger in his unconscious
mind even after he's died.
Andrea: There is no unconscious mind, Milton.  When they turn, they become monsters.  That's all.  Whoever they once gone.

The Governor: You just tell us where they are, and we'll bring them here.  You'll be safe, I promise....No?  Fine, let's try something else.  Stand up, please.  Stand up.  Take off your shirt.
Maggie: No.
The Governor: Take off your shirt, or I'll bring Glenn's hand in here.

Daryl [upon spotting the moldering dog in the hermit's cabin]: I guess Lassie went home.

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