Sunday, December 2, 2012

Biting It Tonight?


We lost Sophia last year at this time, but will any of the characters be killed off in tonight's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead?  Here are some possibilities (with odds of dying in parentheses):

Daryl (20 to 1): Perhaps the only way for Merle to become a more despicable villain would be to go Cain-and-Abel on his long-lost brother.

Andrea (12 to 1): Michonne makes sure she gets the point about Woodbury?

Hershel (10 to 1): The amputee's ability to keep up will be a big problem once the group is back on the move.

Oscar (6 to 1): A walker snack waiting to happen.

Beth (3 to 1): Her role (besides giving moony looks to Carl) is so insubstantial, would anyone miss her?

No One (2 to 1): After subjecting the audience to so much fatality already, the producers decide to let the show's characters live.  But at the very least, we can count on a cliffhanger the leaves our heroes in dire straits.

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