Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Awesomely Haunted

The seasonal colors are rapidly turning from black and orange to red and green, but if you're not quite ready yet to give up on Halloween--or if you're the type who is already anticipating next October--then the 2012 documentary The American Scream (available for Instant Viewing on Netflix) is a must-watch.  Director Michael Stephenson profiles a group of small-town yet big-spirited residents whose elaborate decorating activities border between passion and obsession.  The American Scream not only traces how such people go about creating their scary displays, but also why they are so determined in their decorating and what effect their efforts have on their everyday lives.  As entertaining as it is fascinating, this documentary just might inspire holiday-lovers to emigrate to Fairhaven, Massachusetts--either to bask in the Halloween scenery or to see if they can keep up with the home-haunting Joneses.

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