Monday, November 19, 2012

Dead Lines

Michonne wielded a wicked sword last night, and the episode
"Hounded" featured some equally sharp dialogue:

Merle (laughingly, to the other members of the Michonne-hunting party): Look at this.  She sent us a biter-gram, yo.

The Governor (to Andrea): You know, you can join in [with the other residents of Woodbury].  They don't bite.  It's kind of the whole idea of the place.

The Governor: You don't have to be ashamed about liking the fight.  Or fighting the fight.  [beat]  I love it.  It's not the only thing, but nowadays it's part of being alive.  Really alive.  Most of the people don't have it, what it takes to see the whole story.  Being able to live with it, to use it.  That's why there's a helluva lot more of them than us.
Andrea: Us?
The Governor: Yeah....'Cause you have it, Andrea.  You made it.  So enjoy it.

Merle: Now we're gonna go for a little drive.
Glenn: We're not going back to our camp.
Merle: No, we're going somewhere else.

Rick (to the voice of Lori on the telephone): I made a deal with myself.  I will keep you alive. I find a place, I will fix this, and then...I couldn't open that door, I couldn't risk it.  I was going to keep you alive, Carl, the baby, and then....I thought there'd be time.  There's never time.  But I loved you.  I-I love you.  I couldn't put it back together.  I should've said it.  I should've said it.

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