Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beelzebub Tweets

BLZ, Bub

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Down Below, we like our turkey like our sinners: slow roasted.
--9:37 A.M., November 22nd

"The Yattering and Jack": it could have been a Thanksgiving classic. If only Barker had opted for a happy ending.
--6:56 A.M., November 22nd

Wow, nearly a half-century now since JFK bit the bullet. Seems like just yesterday I was looking over ______'s shoulder on the grassy knoll.
--12:02 A.M., November 22nd

So Obama got re-elected, big deal. Voters, how about putting the Black Man in the White House in 2016?
--3:31 P.M., November 15th

A beach-eroding hurricane named Sandy? That's about as ironic as a nudist named Don, a mute dubbed Gabby, or anyone called Christian.
--9:25 P.M., November 4th

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