Friday, November 4, 2011

Short Story Spotlight: "Trick or Treat"

"Trick or Treat" by J.G. Faherty

Much like the recent film of the same title, this short story features a quintessential crank devoid of holiday spirit.  Old Man Daniels hands out mostly pennies to the costumes children who ring his doorbell on October 31st; he also slips in the occasional tainted candy bar as he sneakily palms goodies from the kids' treat bags.  Eventually the spurned Halloween celebrants catch wise to the old man's tricks, and while their vengeance the following year isn't as violent as Sam's assault on Brian Cox's character in Trick 'R Treat, it still makes for a sweet bit of comeuppance.

Faherty's entertaining tale of ironic comeuppance can be read in full over on the Fenderstitch website.

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