Sunday, November 6, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Washington

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Halloween Season put this feature on hiatus, but it's back to close up its run this month.  We begin today with Washington, which presents names such as Marketown (confidence man Disneyland), Stuck (leaving this town's easier said than done), Chumstick (home of the macabre kabob), Possession (9/10ths of the law-abiding citizens are demon-ridden), Darknell (the church bells toll mournfully every morning), Bickleton (don't talk to the taxi drivers), Lake Ketchum (wildest in the Off Season), and Thrall (where your servitude will be ill-deserved).  But the pinnacle of Evergreen-State appellations is found in...

Geiger Heights.  I love the assonance here, but even more than that, the suggestion of a place plagued by radiation.  And of a community filled with mutants, where giant ants clog the sewers and fifty-foot women rumble down the streets.

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