Sunday, November 27, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Wyoming

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The final stop on the Republic-wide tour is Wyoming, which includes such arresting place names as Devils Tower (has sinister leanings), Murke (sounds gloomy to me), Skull Creek (the residents are really struggling to keep their heads above water), Little Medicine (and lots of mortality), Owl Creek (Bierce-ly loyal?), Camel Hump (apparently unabashed about bestiality), Point of Rocks (is that they wound more assuredly than words do), and Recluse (outstanding spot for shut-ins).  But when it comes to macabre monikers, Wyoming's finest offering is...

Crimson Dawn.  This sounds like a town in the sway of some strange cult.  Or a place where the gutters run red before the bloodletters finally settle down for the day.

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