Monday, November 21, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Wisconsin

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And then there were two states left to survey.

Wisconsin gives us such incredible appellations as Black Earth (shadowed grounds), New Diggings (leads down to Gravesville), Siren (a city in a constant state of alarm), Twin Town (a.k.a. Doppelgangland), Pulp (Tarantino territory), Spirit Falls (anomie guaranteed), New Munster (Herman's hermitage?), Embarrass (a community bent on humiliation), Bundy (a bunch of Ted-Heads), and Horseman (no abode for Ichabod).  Nevertheless, the stand-out name in the Badger State comes from...

Marlands.  A site of utter blight.  A place where the respect for others' property is nonexistent, and the dedication to uglification unsurpassed.

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