Sunday, November 13, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--West Virginia

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This week I went mining in West Virginia, and came up with these gems: Pickaway (all the scavengers will have at you), Burnt House (born and razed), Shock (to every visitor's system), Moatsville (really digging the whole "a-man's home-is-his-castle" idea), Dahmer (devotees of Jeffrey?), Booher (a community filled with scorned women), Racy (high on impropriety), Gage (no doubt precedes Creed).  West Virginia also sports a Poe, a Faulkner, a King and a Bachman, but the peak name in the Mountain State is...

Grave Creek.  Sounds like a place where everyone ends up doing the dead man's float at the local swimming hole.  Or: where the bodies are buried with a shove overboard rather than with a shovel.

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