Sunday, March 31, 2013

Casualties of War?

Last week's episode reduced Merle to an undead redneck, and additional characters are likely to die in tonight's season finale of The Walking Dead.  Who stands to be offed before the show reaches the off season?  My predictions (as followers of this blog can attest) have been off-target in the past, but that won't stop me from laying the following odds:

Milton (3 to 1): Imminent doom started looming the moment this sniveling underling showed some spine to the Governor.  If Milton indeed torched the walker pit, his goose is cooked.

Andrea (7 to 1): All year long I've been saying that she will be the next major character to go, but now that she finds herself in such obvious peril (detained in the Governor's torture chamber), I wonder if she will miraculously escape harm.

Beth (10 to 1): Her character has yet to be fleshed out (her only role on the show seeming to be the crooning of soulful songs), making her likely provender for the eponymous flesheaters.

The Governor (12 to 1): The catharsis no doubt will be enormous when this archvillain is finally felled.  But he's such a compelling character, the writers just might stretch his storyline into next season.

Maggie (15 to 1): Her nuptials interrupted by the undead? It seemed a bad omen to me when Glenn clipped the engagement ring from a walker's moldering finger.

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