Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kingly Trivia

The annual flu season might be drawing to a close, but the superflu
that first spread across our Macabre Republic in 1978 is still raging strong.  Which of the following characters from Stephen King's beloved apocalyptic epic The Stand was not felled by Captain Trips?

Charlie Campion
Norm Bruett
Vic Hammer
Frank D. Bruce
Fred Goldsmith
Peter Goldsmith
Sheriff John Baker
Alice Underwood
Vince Hogan
Amy Lauder
Kit Bradenton
Amy Lauder
Donald Merwin Elbert

Correct answers appear in the Comments section of this post.

1 comment:

Joe Nazare said...


Vic Hammer (self-inflicted gunshot wound)

Fred Goldsmith (Frannie's late brother; was killed by a drunk driver)

Kit Bradenton (infected, but smothered to death by Randall Flagg)

Donald Merwin Elbert (a.k.a The Trashcan Man)