Monday, March 11, 2013

Dead Lines

In the first spoken line of last night's episode, "Arrow on the Doorpost," the Governor tells Rick, "We have  a lot to talk about."  His words set the stage for an episode full of tense and memorable dialogue.  Some examples:

Carl: My dad can take care of himself.
Merle: Sorry, son, but your dad's head could be on a pike real soon.

Rick: I thought you'd take responsibility.
The Governor: I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer.
Rick: Either way, I don't pretend to be a governor.
The Governor: I told you, I'm their leader.
Rick: You're the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my lawn, nothing more.

Hershel: I'm not showing you my leg.
Milton: It's important data.
Hershel: I just met you.  At least buy me a drink first.

Andrea: What happened with Maggie?
Hershel: He's a sick man.
Andrea: What am I going to do now?  I can't go back there.
Hershel: We're family.  You belong with us.  But if you join us, it's settled.

Merle: Mercy killing.  But that don't make [Carl] an assassin.
Michonne: Hmm, but you are?
Merle: When I have to be.
Michonne: Then how do you explain letting me get away?
Merle: I must have been seduced by your sterling personality.

Rick: [to his group] He wants this prison.  He wants us gone.  Dead.  He wants us dead for what we did to Woodbury....We're going to war.

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