Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Washington

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The upper left-hand corner of the country features some supremely sinister place names, such as Ridpath (of every unwelcomed visitor), Dexter By the Sea (beach blanket bloodbath), Hoodsport (a Klan conclave?), Koontzville (no doubt the home of Dean Manor), Steptoe (these people have some serious boundary issues), Waatch (whaat you say in this place), Possession (demons hold all the deeds), Totem Park (be careful where you go climbing, kids), Breakers (working nonstop to topple the Dark Tower), and Stuck (there's no getting out, for anyone).  But I cannot lie, Washington's most Gothic moniker is found in...

Shadow.  Where sunlight never quite penetrates, and where people on the street always have the uneasy feeling of being followed.  The kind of place for which Charles L. Grant should have written the town charter.

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