Monday, September 5, 2011

Five Reasons the Fright Night Remake Rocks

1.The Casting.  Colin Farrell (whom I've never been a big fan of) is surprisingly good as the vampire next door, Jerry.  He brings a nonchalance to the villainous role that is a refreshing change from the brooding bloodsucker archetype.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse ("McLovin" in Superbad) is also a brilliant choice for the character of the misfit Ed.

2.The Setting.  The suburban Las Vegas mise en scene makes sense (geographic isolation + transient population = ideal circumstances for vampire predation).  The bucolic quality of this sunny community also renders the nighttime horrors transpiring within it that much more Gothic and gruesome.

3.The Set-Pieces. The film includes some terrific action sequences, such as the scene of a deadly car chase along a dark, deserted highway.

4.The Riffs on the Original.  I love how the remake plays with the vampire-must-be-invited-in plot device, and how it transforms the Peter Vincent character from an old TV horror host into a hip (and hysterical) magician with a Criss Angel-ic stage show in Vegas.  The cameo by Chris Sarandon (who played Jerry in the 1985 release) is a nice touch as well.

5.The Humor.  The film's greatest strength; it is laced with genuine laugh-out-loud moments.  If you were amused by Zombieland, then you will love Fright Night's sense of wit.

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