Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Vermont

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Vermont did not present a lot of place names to choose from, but I did manage to locate such fine titles as Stowe Fork (until the next time the mob gathers), Killington (where everyone has to make sacrifices), Satans Kingdom (no doubt encompasses Brimstone Corners), Cadys Falls (Jack's cataracts?), Sodom (bent on screwing you over), and Gilman (the Creature has traveled way upstream).  But the peak appellation of the Green Mountain State has to be...

Barnumtown.  Sounds like a place where suckers are born at the rate of 60 per hour.  Where there's a freak show on Main Street (or any other street) every single day.  The kind of town that coulro-phobes should avoid at all costs.

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