Monday, April 15, 2013

Horror Hosts Week Begins

It's Horror Hosts Week here at Macabre Republic...all week long, the posts will center around those beloved and colorful figures who have presided over late-night horror movie screenings and anthology series for the past half-century.

To kick the theme-week off, here's a clip from a classic episode of The Munsters that involves a fictional spookshow host named Zombo.  I can remember being utterly captivated by Zombo's outré appearance when watching this episode as a child (a viewing experience that no doubt helped mold my love for the macabre).  In hindsight, it also seems apropos that The Munsters highlighted the mid-20th Century horror-host craze: just as the makeups of the titular family members were inspired by the Universal Monsters, the horror host phenomenon was born of the "Shock Theater" packaging of Universal horror movies for television broadcast in the late 50's.

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