Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beelzebub Tweets

BLZ, bub

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Beg to differ that Vampira was the 1st horror host.  I preceded her by millennia Down Below (and had quite a captive audience).
--5:50 A.M., April 19th

The Crypt Keeper: now there was a ghoul after my own heart--or any other organ he could tear out.
--9:16 P.M., April 18th

My favorite horror hosts? I'd have to go with the demonically possessed.
--4:27 A.M., April 17th

El-vi-ra: giddyup, her bazooms popping wow-wow.
--12:24 P.M., April 16th

/!\ Warning: schlock hazard. Discharge brain circuits before viewing.
--10:35 P.M., April 15th

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