Thursday, April 18, 2013

Horror Host Vote

(Update 4/23: Apparently the Blogger Poll gadget isn't working [votes aren't sticking], so I disabled the two polls.  If anyone would like to chime in, you can still do so by leaving a Comment below.)

Who is the greatest horror host ever?  Cast your vote in the pair of polls over in this blog's right sidebar.

I've divided the nominees into male and female categories.  If you would like to cast a "write-in" vote for someone else, simply leave a Comment to this post.

The female nominees:

Crematia Mortem: Hosted Creature Features in the Kansas City area in the 1980's.

Elvira: pop-culture icon and dark mistress of L.A.'s Movie Macabre

Stella: voluptuous co-host of Saturday Night Dead in Philadelphia in the mid-80's

Vampira: impossibly wasp-waisted hostess of The Vampira Show in L.A. in the mid-50's

The male nominees:

Chilly Billy: Host of Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre for two decades, starting in 1963

Ghoulardi: Voice artist Ernie Anderson's mid-60's stint on Cleveland's Shocker Theater

Roland/Zacherley: The "Cool Ghoul" of Philadelphia's "Shock Theater" and New York's "Chiller Theatre" in the 50's and 60's

Bob Wilkins: Droll host of Creature Features in San Francisco in the 70's and 80's


john said...

Stella rules the roost! Ive been a fan since KYW days and shes always been head and shoulders above the other!

Joe Nazare said...

Thanks for weighing in, John.

I missed Stella in her heyday, but have enjoyed whatever clips from Saturday Night Dead that I've been able to see.