Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farm Fatale

Tonight's season finale of The Walking Dead centers on the siege of Hershel's farm, and (following the loss of Shane and Dale in recent weeks) further casualties can be expected.  Who stands to join the ranks of the ravenous undead?  Leaving out the main protagonist Rick and incidental figures like Jimmy and Beth, here's my ranking of the individual characters from the most likely to the least likely to survive the episode's carnage:

Lori/Carl: Fans might be unhappy with these two right now for their roles in the respective demises of Shane and Dale, but Rick's protection of his family is so integral to the show's dynamic that it is hard to envision either of these loved ones being killed off.

Glenn: Simply put, he's too likable a character for the show's writers to hand him his Walking papers.

Andrea: Similarly, she forms too interesting a figure: is she poised to become the next Dale or the next Shane?

Daryl: It concerns me that Daryl does not appear in the original Robert Kirkman comics (which, I should mention, I have not read, and so do not know where the plot of the TV series is headed).  But with Shane gone, the show is going to need another alpha-male character to offset Rick.

T-Dog: He's faded into the backdrop this season, but I want to believe that there's a subplot involving him in the offing.

Maggie: Her sassy personality would certainly be missed, but her death would instantly solve Glenn's stay-or-go dilemma.

Carol: She seems to serve little dramatic purpose now that Sophia has been put down.

Hershel: The type of man who would die defending his home.  Plus, it's hard to picture the old-timer out on the road with the other survivors in Season 3.

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