Monday, March 5, 2012

Dead Lines

[For last week's quotable quotes, click here.]

Dale was the dramatic centerpiece of this week's episode ("Judge, Jury, Executioner"), so it's only appropriate that he get the spotlight here.  Some of his best lines, as he makes his impassioned plea to the group to spare Randall's life:

"So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime that he may never even attempt?  If we do this, we're saying there is no hope.  Rule of law is dead, there is no civilization."

"This is a young man's life.  And it is worth more than a five minute conversation.  Is this what it's come to?  We kill someone because we can't decide what else to do with him?  [To Rick] And you saved him.  Now look at us.  He's been tortured.  He's gonna be executed.  How are we any better than those people that we are so afraid of?"

"But don't you see, if we do this, the people we were, the world that we knew, is dead.  And this new world is's's survival of the fittest.  And that's a world I don't want to live in."

"Are you going to watch, too?  No, you'll go hide your heads in your tents and forget that we're slaughtering a human being.  [Shakes his head vehemently]  I won't be a party to it.  [To Daryl, before exiting]  This group is broken."

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