Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Instant Halloween Party--The 2nd Encore Set

[For last year's encore set, click here]

13 more holiday-appropriate songs/videos to help liven up your upcoming party (or even to just help you get into the spirit of the season):

1.Something Atmospheric This Way Comes:

2.Mellencamp Gothic:

3.Chestnuts Roasting on a Raging Bonfire?

4.From the Barbary Coast to the Macabre Republic:

5.Ghouling Banjoes:

6.The Horror-Lover's Mantra:

7.Vampire Bayou:

8.Zombie Marching Song:

9.Ryan Gosling'a Got the Spirit:

10.Ramones in the Boneyard:

11.Lawrence Talbot's Favorite Love Song:

12.The Veil Between Worlds Has Thinned:

13.Finally, When It's Time to Chase Off Your Guests:


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