Monday, October 15, 2012

Dead Lines

Last night's premiere of The Walking Dead, "Seed," was ripe with more gore and more zombie kills than seemingly the first two seasons combined.  There were countless action scenes, and not a single word was spoken in the opening segment, but the episode still managed to feature the snappy and dramatic dialogue that forms such a key component of the show.  Some samples:

Daryl [to Rick]: Hey, while the others wash their panties, let's go hunt.  That owl didn't exactly hit the spot.

Carol [jokingly]: It's pretty romantic.  Screw around?
Daryl [climbing from his guard post to go walk the perimeter]: I'm going down first.
Carol: Even better.

Hershel: We're dangerously low on ammo. We'll run out before we make a dent.
Rick: That's why we have to go in there [the prison]...hand to hand.  After all we've been through, we can handle it, I know it.  [To Carl:] Those assholes don't stand a chance.

Michonne: We'll go in a few days.
Andrea [pensive]: If we stay, I'll die here.

Lori [to Hershel]: If I come back [following death in childbirth], what if I attack it?  Or you? Or Rick, or Carl?  If I do, if there's any chance, you put me down immediately, you don't hesitate.  Me.  The baby.  If we're walkers, you don't hesitate, and you don't try to save us.  Okay?

Lori [to Hershel]: He [Rick] hates me.  He's too good a man to say it, but I know.  I put him and Shane at odds; I put that knife in his hands.

And lastly, the final line, forming an apropos coda to the episode:
Amazed Human Prisoner [upon discovering Rick's war party]: Ho-ly shit!

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