Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gourds Gone Spoiled

The inevitable decay of one's painstakingly carved jack-o-lantern is is usually a cause of post-holiday blues.  Thanks to the dedication and creative genius of one man, though, gourd corrosion has taken on a much more positive connotation.

Pumpkinrot: A Dark Celebration of Halloween is an absolute feast for anyone craving an October fix.  The site features a blog ("What's Brewing") that's updated at an impressive several-posts-per-day rate. I'm convinced that Rot, as he calls himself, must have tapped into some secret, sacred database of all things Halloween and autumnal, based on his steady supply of incredible images and topical news items.

Yet Rot is not just a blogger but also a masterful prop builder and yard haunter.  And creepy scarecrows (such as the one pictured above) figure prominently in his work. "I've often joked with my wife that I wish I could quit my job and build scarecrows all day long," Rot has said in an interview, a quote that earns him an automatic induction into the Fall Season Hall of Fame.

Rot's Halloween spirit apparently lasts 24/7/365; his is a blog that I follow year-round, and especially in this most atmospheric of months.  Bottom line: your October Country itinerary will be woefully incomplete if you fail to tour the shadowed paths of the Pumpkinrot site.

To get a sense of Rot's sensibility, check out the amazingly eerie short film below:

Note: With this post, Scarecrow Week officially draws to a close.  Be sure to return tomorrow, when the latest entry on the Countdown of the Top 20 Jack Ketchum Works of Short Fiction will be revealed.

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