Monday, October 22, 2012

Dead Lines

Memorable lines of dialogue were delivered at a feverish pace on last night's episode, "Sick":

Tomas: This is our prison.  We were here first.
Rick: Locked in a broom closet? [scoffs]  We took it, set you free.  It's ours.  We spilt blood.

Maggie: What are we gonna do without him [Herschel]?
Glenn: Hey, stop it.  Alright, stop it.  He's still here.
Maggie: What if he does wake up?  Then what?  He can't even walk; all we do is run.

Lori: Well, what are your options?
Rick: [beat] Kill 'em.
Lori: If that's what you think is best.
Rick: [no doubt thinking of Shane] You say this now...
Lori: Look, I know that I am a shitty wife, and I'm not winning any Mother of the Year awards.  But I need you to know that...not for one second do I think there's malice in your heart.  You're not a killer, and I know that.  I know that. do whatever you got to do to keep this group safe, and do it with a clear conscience.

Maggie [to a comatose Herschel]: Dad, you don't have to fight anymore.  If you're worried about me and Beth, don't, don't worry about us.  We'll take care of each other.  We'll look out.  Me and Beth included, we'll look out.  Go ahead, Dad.  It's okay.  Be peaceful.  [crying now]  You don't have to fight.  If it's time to go, it's okay.  I, I just want to thank you.  For everything: thank you.

Tomas: He [the walker tossed at Rick] was coming right at me, bro.
Rick: Yeah, I get it.  I get it.  Shit happens.  [beat; then Rick buries a machete in Tomas's head]

Lori: I thought maybe you were coming out here to talk about us.  Maybe there's nothing to talk about anymore.
Rick: [grabs her shoulder, but doesn't look at her] We're awful grateful for what you did. [walks away]

And brace yourselves, folks: good ol' Merle makes his return on next Sunday night's episode.  I'm guessing he's going to be making a contribution, too, to the next edition of Dead Lines.

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