Monday, February 27, 2012

Dead Lines

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The hardest part about writing this post each week is choosing the particular lines to cite.  Last night's episode of The Walking Dead, "18 Miles Out," made the decision process especially difficult, since the episode was packed with dramatic confrontations between characters.  But here are some of the best bits of dialogue:

"Now Lori thinks you're dangerous, but you're not going to be dangerous.  Not to us, not to me, not anymore.  How about you look at me?  You and Lori: I get what happened.  When I figured it out--and I figured it out pretty quickly--I wanted to break your jaw.  Let you choke on your teeth.  But I didn't.  That wasn't weakness.  It took everything."
--Rick to Shane

"You have Maggie, and your father, and Patricia and Jimmy, and you gotta stay strong for them.  I wish I could promise you it will be all right in the end.  I can't.  But...we can make now all right.  And we have to."
--Lori to Beth

"You don't get it, do you?  Your husband came break from the dead.  Your son, too.  And now you've got a baby on the way.  The rest of us have piled up our losses--me, Carol, Beth.  But you just keep on keeping on.  Playing house, acting like the queen bee, laying down rules for everybody but yourself.  You know what: go ahead, go in there and tell that little girl that everything is going to be okay, just like it is for you.  She'll get a husband, a son.  Baby.  Boyfriend....She just has to look on the bright side."
--Andrea to Lori

"We're alone.  You, me, Patricia, with only Dad and Jimmy against a whole world of those things.  I don't want to be gutted.  I want to this bed, tonight, with you beside me.  Please."
--a suicidal Beth to Maggie

"The pain doesn't go away.  You just make room for it."
--Andrea to Beth

"If you want to kill me, you're going to have to do better than a wrench.  Probably going to have to kill that boy.  But I am going to think about it [what to do with Randall] a night.  It can't be that easy, killing someone.  Killing anyone.  You know that.  [beat]  That is my wife.  That is my son.  That is my child.  If you are going to be with us, you got to follow my lead; you got to trust me.  [beat]  It's time for you to come back."
--Rick to Shane

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