Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Utah

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You've got to hand it to Utah when it comes to Gothic place names.  The Beehive State presents us with Bone Valley (a lowlands golgotha), Coal City (where all the naughty boys and girls are disappointed on Christmas morning), Hardup (congregation of the downtrodden), Arsenal (favorite hideaway of the militia move-ment), Heist (dedicated to elaborate scheming), Borden (an axing you shall receive), Shadow Run Estates (darkness in charge), Dragon ("Floating" or "Red"?), and American Fork (arming angry mobsters all across the country).  Head and shoulders above all these appellations, though, is...

Sleepy Hollow Two.  A town haunted by a Mormon version of the Headless Horseman?  Or perhaps the ideal location for the filming of the sequel to Tim Burton's movie.  You can't help but picture a fog-shrouded scene, filled with rustic houses and fenced by dense woods.


Vanessa Morgan said...

Lovely! Bone Valley is definitely my favorite.

Joe Nazare said...

Thanks, Vanessa. "Bone Valley" makes even "Death Valley" seem second-rate.