Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Tennessee

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The Volunteer State offers up a host of terrific names, such as Black Center (dark at heart), Stainville (C.S.I.: Tennessee), Hardscrabble (many unhappy returns), Chuckey (where no one likes to play with dolls), Crackers Neck (usually sunburned), Forty Forks (the angry mob has amassed), Bone Cave (skeletal shelter), Yell (for help, before it's too late), Crouch Crossroads (you can expect to be ambushed here), and Hanging Limb (must be a branch of Lynchburg).  This week's laurel, though, goes to...

Gravelotte.  Sounds like a landscape dominated by a cemetery.  Or the kind of town where solemn countenances abound, as the locals have all resigned themselves to a grim fate.

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