Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Texas

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Don't mess with Texas when it comes to Gothic monikers.  The list of suggestive appellations includes Cain City (fratricides united), Little Hope (for all who enter here), Avenger Village (decidedly pro-vigilantism), Phantom Hill (ghost sightings on the rise), Devils Shores (a beachfront for Beelzebub?), Fry (Texans sure are keen on capital punishment), Old House Place (dark and derelict), Gore Landing (not far from Cut and Shoot), and Koockville (a community of loonies).  But make no bones about it, the most Gothic place name in the Lone Star State is...

Skellytown.  A landscape surely riddled with shallow graves.  A town where the closets brim with dead bodies.  And it's not hard to imagine the most popular costumes and props here, come Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Little Hope is one of the most depressing town names I have ever heard. I used to live in Alvin, Tx...which admittedly isn't very Gothic sounding at all, unless one could come up with some joke about the Chipmunk's Halloween Special.

But I'll leave that to the pros.


Joe Nazare said...

Chipmunks Halloween Special: ooh, I like the sound of that.