Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--South Dakota

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I struck gold in South Dakota, unearthing such priceless names as Moreau (a House of Pain on every street), Mound City (major necropolitan area), Jolly Dump (delighting in detritus), Black Eyes (a community full of damaged reputations), Crook City (what Deadwood should have been called?), Batesland (where the peep holes aren't confined to front doors), and Badnation (a country-wide indictment).  But when it comes to Gothic place names in this state, the following is as good as it gets...

Bad Wound.  It's hard not to imagine such a town having a bloody history.  Or perhaps the injuries suffered here are of the more intangible (but no less grievous) nature.  The kind that fester inside a person, and call for terrible vengeance against whoever perpetrated the perceived misdeed.

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