Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania abounds with suggestive appellations, such as First Fork (the vanguard of lynch mobs), Hicks Run (around barefoot, usually), Chaintown (closely linked with Fetterville), Tomb (supremely sepulchral), Jonestown (where the Kool-Aid is to die for), Maze (a labyrinth even for the inhabitants), Tryonville (home of Harvest Home?), Drinker (alcoholics ubiquitous), and Slaymakersville (a serial killer breeding ground).  Unfortunately for all these towns and cities, though, the title of Most Gothic Place Name in Pennsylvania belongs to...

Banetown.  Where a blighted existence is to be expected, because this place just ruins everything (the destruction projects are ongoing, and coextensive with town history).  Sounds, too, like this could be the poison-brewing capital of the Macabre Republic (wolfsbane, henbane...you name it, they make it).

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