Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Oregon

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This week the trail leads to the Pacific Northwest, and to such superlative names as Bitter Lick (unsavory, to say the least), Starvation Heights (where the hunger strike is an official competition), Roads End (likely at the border of Terminal City), Neverstill (the natives are restless), Remote (isolation's zenith), Lost Lake Resort (has a no-checkout policy), Hoodview (a criminal lineup on every street corner), and Jimtown (the kind that takes shape Under the Dome?).  But if you peer hard enough, you'll discern that the Most Gothic Place Name in Oregon comes from:

Mist.  Atmosphere is everything, and this town's must be saturated with ominousness.  A place where cyclopean monstrosities lumber unseen through the beclouded streets, and where getting stuck at the local supermarket proves a terrible ordeal.

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