Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--New Jersey

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The Garden State did not offer the most fertile ground, but I was able to pick such choice names as Voorhees Corner (which no doubt abuts Crystal Lake), Carneys Point (the peak of freakishness), Blackwood (for followers of Algernon?), Little Silver (but a lot of lycanthropes), Brass Castle (a citadel of impudence), Whippany (the residents are always ready to lash out), Haddonfield (where no one can find a babysitter on Halloween), Bound Brook (and then they gagged her), and Candlewood (a place just begging for conflagration).  Yet none of these names in my native state can hold a candle to...

Foul Rift.  Sounds like a community where the peace has been deeply disturbed.  Where hatred has festered between begrudging neighbors.  Where not even Richard Dawson could moderate the family feuds playing out daily.

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