Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Bash" Wednesday

Today I would just like to call attention to my short story "Bash," which appears in the just-released antho Fearology: Terrifying Tales of Phobias (Library of Horror Press).  Admittedly, the piece suffers from some formatting glitches (e.g., a handful of unindented paragraphs; inconsistency between italics and underlining) and questionable edits (e.g., formerly parenthetical thoughts spliced into the main narrative with hyphens; deleted words resulting in imbalanced sentences), and there are some lines here that I wish I had tweaked, but overall I am really fond of this story.  It involves an introverted young man named Charlie, whose terrible phobia about using public restrooms stems back to a traumatic childhood incident.  Charlie's worst fears are realized late one rainy night when he reluctantly enters the men's room at a highway rest stop--a fluorescent-lit chamber that contains some sinister secrets.

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