Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reactions to The Killing

A half-dozen quick thoughts on "Six Minutes"...

*The episode, charting the last day of Ray Seward's life, was downbeat but undeniably powerful.  It featured terrific interaction throughout between Linden and Seward: I loved how Linden used her own trials as parent to try to convince Seward to see his son Adrian.

*And still the obtrusive smoking continues (e.g. a puffing Holder outside the prison, with Adrian).  Forget Joe Mills--the real killer this season might be Joe Camel.

*Nice twist involving the prison guards during Seward's execution: at the moment of truth, the hitherto-hardassed Becker crumbles, and Henderson has to step up and take the lead.

*Maybe it's just me, but I found the scene where Holder pats down Adrian's hair (using liquid soap as pseudo-gel) uncomfortably creepy rather than touching.

*Given the show's established atmosphere (cf. the tragic circum-stances of Rosie Larsen's demise last season), Seward's doom seemed inevitable.  But that in no way undercuts the work of Peter Sarsgaard--an incredible, multifaceted performance (one which I suspect will be appreciated even more upon second viewing, after the full storyline is known).

*Seward has gone to the gallows and died for a crime he most likely did not commit, but why?  What ultimately has he been holding back from Linden?  Has he taken the rap to somehow protect his son, keep him from falling into the jailbird existence that has plagued generations of the Seward family? Has he been set-up by one of Seattle's finest?  Thankfully, the answer to such tantalizing questions will be provided by next week's season finale.

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