Friday, July 5, 2013

Reactions to The Killing

I just caught up with episode 5 ("Scared and Running") and 6 ("Eminent Domain") of The Killing.  Some random thoughts:

*The bond between Holder and Bullet is growing more apparent with every interaction between the characters.  I wouldn't even be surprised to see him try to adopt her by season's end.

*Is it just me, or has Linden's character become a lot less likable this season?  Part of the problem might be that we no longer get to see her in the role of caring mother to Jack.  Plus the writers are laboring to show Linden's worsening obsession with the Ray Seward case.  Still, Linden's gruff demeanor and badgering of witnesses are hard to take at times.

*Enough already with the scenes of characters lighting up cigarettes and brooding (there has to be a less clichéd way to indicate a state of stress).  Pretty soon the show will need to air a Surgeon General's warning with the opening credits.

*Actress Amy Seimetz, as Kallie's flaky mother Danette Leeds, is rapidly emerging as the most impressive performer in Season 3.  Her character swings intriguingly from negligent to concerned parent, and Seimetz's highly expressive face is capable of a range of convincing emotion.

*The list of suspicious characters is steadily mounting (Joe Mills, Pastor Mike, Becker), but I'm sticking with Det. Carl Reddick as the perverted perp.  Did he accidentally or deliberately allow potential witness Angie to escape from his watch at the hospital?

*The first half of Season 3 has lacked pizazz, but The Killing is
gathering momentum now that the various plotlines are beginning to converge (and more information is being revealed about Seward's past).  I'm hopeful for a strong conclusion to the show's current mystery.

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