Monday, December 3, 2012

Dead Lines

The title of last night's mid-season finale, "Made to Suffer," certainly didn't apply to audience members, who were treated to a dramatic and action-packed episode.  And, once again, the show's dialogue was anything but insufferable:

The Governor (to his walker daughter Penny): LOOK AT ME!

Maggie (to Glenn): No, no, he barely touched me. [beat]  All this time you [hid?] from walkers, you forget what people do.  What they always did.

Axel: I didn't mean no offense.  I've been locked up a long while and there weren't many women, you follow me?  Well, Maggie, she's got Glenn, you're a lesbian, and I was just talking to [Beth].
Carol: I'm not a lesbian.
Axel: You've got the [gestures toward his head]...short hair.  [beat]  You're not a lesbian?  My, my, this is interesting.
Carol: No, it's not.

Rick (to Daryl): No, no, no.  You're not thinking straight.  No matter what they say, they are hurt.  Glenn can barely walk.  How are we gonna make it out?  If we are overrun by walkers, or this Governor catches up with us....I need you.  Are you with me?

The Governor: It's me you want.  There's no need for [Penny] to suffer.
Michonne: She doesn't have needs.

The Governor (to the people of Woodbury): What can I say?  Hasn't been a night like this since the walls were completed.  And I thought we were past it.  Past the days when we all sat huddled scared in front of the TV during the early days of the outbreak.  The fear we all felt then, we felt it again tonight.  I failed you.  I promised to keep you safe.  Hell, look at me.  You know, I should tell you that we'll be okay, that we're safe and tomorrow we'll bury our dead and endure.  But I won't, 'cause I can't.  'Cause I'm afraid.  That's right.  I'm afraid of terrorists that want what we have.  Want to destroy us.  And worse.  Because one of those terrorists is one of our own: Merle!

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