Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Most Gothic Place Names in the United States--Ohio

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Ohio ranks high on the list when it comes to place names with (American) Gothic intimations.  The Buckeye State gives us Torch (a perfect burg for firebugs), Gutman (the butcher shop's always well-stocked), Shadyside (come on down if you aren't on the up and up), Devil Town (naturally must border River Styx), Needfull (a haunt for Leland Gaunt?), Moats (where every man's home is literally a castle), Funk (dejection on an unprecedented scale), Batemantown (American Psychos, unite!), Three Locks (no open-door policy for this populace), and Worstville (abso-lutely horrible).  But the best of the lot is...

Old Gore.  Conjures images of bloodstained sidewalks and town squares festooned with desiccated viscera.  The kind of place where the local cinemas only screen vintage Herschell Gordon Lewis films.

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