Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reactions to The Killing

Some quick thoughts on Sunday night's episode, "Head Shots":

*It seemed pretty foolish of Linden to press the buzzer in Mama Dips' office during the raid (thereby alerting whomever Mama Dips was just about to notify).  Such sloppy police work (quite out of character for Linden) served as a blatant plot contrivance, forwarding the story while forestalling resolution.

*Nonetheless, the secret panel leading to a hidden room in the motel (where a perpetrator of illicit sexual activity resides) furnished another strong example of The Killing's American Gothic sensibilities.

*Mama Dips (Grace Zabriskie, who played George's would-be mother-in-law on Seinfeld) nearly stole the episode during her scene in the interrogation room with Holder.  Her claim to be the voice of the unseen male on the sex tape ("I smoke a lot") was laugh-out-loud funny.

*Another rousing bit of dialogue was supplied by Linden when she finally told off the nuisance Reddick.  The look on his face when she told him he's just in the way was priceless.

*Just how many street kids are there in Seattle?  Judging by The Killing, no teen has a good place to call home.

*Season 3's story has unfolded relatively slowly thus far (lacking the narrative drive of the Rosie Larsen murder mystery in the prior two seasons), but in last night's episode, The Killing exemplified one of its strongest attributes: its care in developing its characters, presenting them as rounded, realistic human beings.  Particularly interesting in this regard was the glimpse into the home life of the prison guards, and the tracing of the developing relationship between Seward and Alton.

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