Monday, June 10, 2013

Reactions to The Killing

Some quick thoughts on last night's episode, "Seventeen":

*Interesting to see Elias Koteas ("Shutter Island," "The Killer Inside Me," "Crash")--who has a long career of playing criminal and creepy characters--appearing here as the head of Seattle's Special Investigations Unit.  Just as hard to picture his Skinner character and Sarah Linden as (formerly) romantically involved.

*Great double homage when Skinner references both The Silence of the Lambs and SevenThe Killing is certainly aware of its genre forebears.

*Last week Detective Reddick aroused my suspicions, and last night's episode did nothing to alleviate them.  The scene in the interrogation room where the pimp Goldie tauntingly claims that he works to protect his girls from sick guys like Reddick perhaps furnished another clue to Reddick's ultimate culpability.

*Still, one can't help but to appreciate Reddick's hard-boiled sense of humor.  The line where he deadpans that Goldie has nothing but diaper commercials to masturbate to (now that porn collection featuring underage girls has been seized by the police) was priceless.

*From the grizzled to the grisly: that scene where Ray Seward attempts tattoo removal via razor blade was enough to make a statue squirm.

*Symbolic items seem to abound in Season 3's storyline: Seward's
"A" tattoo, Adrian's mysterious sketch, Bullet's eponymous pendant.  Just another example of how The Killing hooks viewers in, tantalizing them with gradually-revealed detail.

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