Monday, February 25, 2013

Dead Lines

The titular "I Ain't a Judas" was never actually spoken during last night's episode, but many other powerful lines were:

Hershel: Get back here!  You're slipping, Rick.  We've all seen it.  We understand why.  But now is not the time.  You once said this isn't a democracy.  Now you have to own up to that.  I put my family's life in your hands.  So get your head clear.  And do something.

The Governor: And if you include men and women age 13 and up?
Milton: You mean boys and girls.
The Governor: Adolescence: it's a 20th Century invention.  [beat]  Men and women.

Merle: You're the farmer Hershel.
Hershel: And you're the black sheep Merle.

Merle: Smart to stay fit.  Don't leave out the cardio.  You know, if we're gonna live under the same roof, we should clear the air.  This whole hunting you down thing, that was just business.  Carrying out orders.
Michonne: Hmm.  Like the gestapo?

Andrea: Look, I cannot excuse or explain what Philip has done.  But I am here trying to bring us together.  We have to work this out.
Rick: There's nothing to work out.  We're going to kill him.  I don't know how, or when, but we will.

Andrea: No, I am there because those people need me.
Michonne: And what about these people?
Andrea: I'm trying to save them, too.
Michonne: [scoffs] I did not realize the messiah complex was contagious.

Beth: [singing] When there's nothing left to keep you here.  When you're falling behind in this big blue world.  You got to hold on.  Hold on.  Got to hold on...

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