Monday, February 18, 2013

Dead Lines


"Home" is where the great dialogue (not to mention a pulse-pounding climax) is, as evidenced by last night's episode:

The Governor [to Andrea]: I thought this place could be something else.  Something better.  But I wasn't up to the challenge; I screwed it up....I've done some terrible things.   I'm not fit to lead these people.  But you are.

Merle: They're all dead.  Makes no difference.
Daryl: How can you be so sure?
Merle: Right about now, [the Governor]'s probably hosting a housewarming party where he's gonna bury what's left of your pals.

Hershel: What are we waiting for?  If he's really on his way, we should be out of here by now.
Glenn: And go where?
Hershel: We lived on the road all winter.
Glenn: Back when you had two legs and we didn't have a baby crying for walkers every four hours.
Hershel: We can't stay here.
Glenn: We can't run.

Daryl: Man, I went back for you.  You weren't there.  I didn't cut off your hand, neither.  You did that.  Way before they locked you up on that roof.  You asked for it.
Merle: [chuckles].  You know--you know what's funny to me?  You and Sheriff Rick are like this [holds fingers together] now.   Right?  I bet you a penny and a fiddle of gold that you never told him that we were planning on robbing that camp blind.

Hershel [to Rick]: You know I wouldn't have hobbled all the way down here if it wasn't important.  Are you coming back soon?  Glenn's on the warpath.  Smart as he is, he can't fill your boots.  I'm afraid he's reckless.  We need you now more than ever.

Carol: Don't you miss your brother?
Axel: My brother? [scoffs]  Hell no.  He had a real money problem.
Carol: What kind of problem?
Axel: He didn't lend me any. [laughing]  One time that son of a bitch--

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