Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beelzebub Tweets

BLZ, Bub

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It's time to start littering your home with bones, body parts, black candles.  Oh, and you might want to start decorating for Halloween, too.
--5:22 A.M., September 19th

Devil with a Blue Dress On?  Only if he's had way too much to drink at the annual holiday party.
--11:01 P.M., September 16th

How many miscarriages is it going to take, Justice, before you quit trying to conceive?
--2:37 P.M., September 12th

Open a vein, devote yourself to a worthy cause: we're holding a pledge drive Down Below.  Operators are standing by to answer your call.
--10:49 A.M., September 10th

My motto: never settle on the lesser of two evils. (Cuz where's the fun in that?)
--7:06 P.M., September 6th

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