Monday, April 16, 2012

Gimme "Shelter"

There's been some seriously heavy weather hitting the heartland these days; let's hope the end times aren't at hand.  The news footage today of tornadoes touching down throughout the Midwest put me in mind of the movie Take Shelter--an engrossing drama starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain (who are both brilliant in their roles).  Curtis LaForche is an Everyman from Ohio who begins to experience disturbing dreams/
visions of apocalyptic disaster.  Has he grown direly prophetic, or simply paranoid schizophrenic (just like his mother did at his age)?  When Curtis decides to build a storm shelter in his backyard to protect his family from a perhaps-imminent Armageddon, he ends up creating unforeseen difficulties for both himself and his loved ones.  Take Shelter is a character-driven disaster movie for adults, and probably the best film I have watched in the past year.  Here's the trailer, for those who might have had this one slip past their macabre radar:

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