Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creepy in Seattle

The question persists: who murdered Rosie Larsen?

AMC's The Killing has returned for a second-season run, and the show is as compelling as ever (Don't be misled about reports of diminished ratings for Sunday night's two-hour premiere: it was competing against Wrestlemania, after all.  Also, if petulant fans have tuned out after being forced to endure a season-one-ending cliffhanger [the horror!], then such foolishness is their problem.).  Homicide Detective Sarah Linden is back on the grisly case, which seems to have no shortage of suspects.  The series features characters whose motives and allegiances are as murky as the local weather.  A dark crime sheds light on a widespread conspiracy, and moral and political corruption appears to have saturated the Seattle scene.  Not the least of the show's strengths is the dread-heavy atmosphere it creates (Exhibit A from Sunday's premiere: the discovery of the dead girl's bloody backpack--left on her family's doorstep two weeks after the fact).  The producers of The Killing have promised that the mystery of Rosie's death will be solved by season's end, and until then this drama is must-see TV for fans of American Gothic.

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