Thursday, October 27, 2011

Instant Halloween Party--The Encore Set

Last year at this time I composed a post entitled "Instant Halloween Party," which embedded 31 holiday-appropriate YouTube videos (that crossed eras and genres and ranged beyond the standard selections).  If you are looking for some more theme music for this year's Halloween festivities, you can click on this post and enjoy the following encore set of 13 songs.

1.First, some mood music...And since it's Ray Bradbury Month here at Macabre Republic, what better place to start than with "Something Wicked":

2.And you thought carols were just for Christmastime:

3.There's a reason this Nick Cave classic was included in the Scream movies--it's so wonderfully creepy:

4.Some haunting crooning, courtesy of Sarah McLachlan:

5.Yes, Halloween is celebrated even in Margaritaville:

6.Don't kick off those dancing shoes yet:

7.Rihanna meets Michael Jackson in this infectious Halloween pop song by China McClain:

8.The caged beasts are all riled up and looking to get out tonight, as Halloween declares prohibition on inhibition:

9.Greetings from Chuck D.:

10.Black No. 1 (and orange a close second)

11.Did anyone order some gore?

12.The popularity of the walking dead is through-the-coffin-lid this year, but this Zombie is big every Halloween:

13.Who cares if it is after midnight--All Saints' Day can wait 'til dawn:


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