Monday, August 26, 2013

You're Next (Movie Review)

You're Next (Lionsgate, 2013)

Director Adam Wingard's home-invasion/slasher hybrid lacks the harrowing suspense of The Strangers, the psychological insight of (the original) Straw Dogs, and the dark wit of the Scream movies.  Characters make a slew of dubious decisions, conveniently thinning the herd of dramatis personae (e.g. someone outside is slinging deadly arrows with a crossbow--let's try to run straight out the front door!).  On the plus side, the film features what is arguably the feistiest Final Girl in the history of the horror genre.  The script is careful to explain the heroine's uncanny survival skills--no implausible, impromptu empowerment here, thank you.  Still, her resourcefulness and unflinching brutality are so extraordinary, the Masked Killers seem woefully overmatched.  Make no mistake, this quick-moving flick is eminently watchable, but if you head to the theaters expecting greatness, you're next to be disappointed.


Belinda Frisch said...

This one is on my "to miss list". I saw the previews when I went to We're the Millers and thought it was The Strangers 2. I didn't enjoy that movie at all, so this one didn't do it for me. Reading your review, I'm next to pass on this one.

Joe Nazare said...

Hi Belinda. Yes, this one is "wait for Netflix release" at best.