Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dire Haiku

Some zombie poetry, 5-7-5 style:

Undead and Dentulous

...Could eat you right up,
Gram always used to tell him.
Tonight she proved it.

Crimson Anniversary

Cooing, she tries on
Her husband Don's pricey gift:
Intestine necklace.

Macabre Marathoners

Breathless, staggering,
Striving for the finish line
Of the human race.

The Horror at Asbury Park

Deranged defender:
Sniper at a zombie walk.
Actors get head shots.

Outreaching Indigent

Rank clothes, rheumy gaze.
Mute, beseeching stumblebum.
Can you spare some parts?


Late, neighborhood stroll;
He couldn't catch any ZZZ's.
The restless dead pounce.

With Apologies to Eliot

Wasteland taste-testers.
I had not thought undeath had
Redone so many.

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