Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worth Following?

The premiere episode of the new TV series from Scream-scribe Kevin Williamson bombards viewers with innumerable characters and heaps of exposition.  The Following also flashes back and forth in time at a dizzying rate, and absolutely overflows with Poe references (how come serial killers never admire Hawthorne, or Melville?).  At times the show feels like a mash-up of Seven, Red Dragon, and (most recently) The Raven, but does offer a nice twist in having the villain tutor a cult of deadly acolytes.  Best of all here is Kevin Bacon, who is perfectly cast as a troubled investigator (cf. his work in Mystic River).  The question remains as to whether the narrative can be successfully stretched over 14 episodes--let alone multiple seasons--but for now, The Following warrants continuing attention.

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